Mixed Pork Pack

Mixed Pork Pack

Regular price $300.00

Mixed pork packs offer a variety of cuts hand picked by Hop Creek Farms in a smaller format. Unlike our whole products, mixed pork packs are available for immediate purchase online and require no deposit. We can arrange local (Squamish) delivery or pickup at a predetermined location within a few days once your order is received. For deliveries outside of the Squamish area we can arrange free delivery within a few weeks if your total order amounts to greater than $500. If your order is less than $500, delivery arrangements can be organized for a fee. 

Approximate Freezer Space Needed:

Mixed Pack: 2 cubic feet

Approximate Weight: 30 lbs

Boxes typically contain an assortment of ground, chops, roasts, ham, ribs, sausage, and bacon. 

*Sorry, no customizations or substitutions on mixed packs at this time.