Quarter Beef Deposit

Quarter Beef Deposit

Regular price $250.00

A Quarter Beef, which we commonly refer to as the Half-side, is an even mix of the front and hindquarters and amounts to roughly ¼ of the animal. Hanging weight is roughly 120-180 lbs. We charge based on $8.00/lb of hanging weight = approximately $960-$1440 per quarter for the meat, and the cut, wrap and processing costs are included.



To hold your order, we’ll take a non-refundable deposit of $250 and contact you once processing is complete with the balance of the final price. This can take up to 6 weeks if processing is required. We’re a small organic farm and try not to keep much frozen stock so please factor this in when ordering. Shipping is free for orders over $200 from Pemberton to Agassiz; if you're outside this area please contact us at eat@hopcreekfarms.com


Average Processed Weight:

Quarter: 72-108 lbs


Approximate Freezer Space Needed:

Quarter: 4 cubic feet



The following are included in a standard* cut of Beef

*Specialty cut instructions are available with enough notice. Any additional cuts can be made with prior arrangements such as Beef Brisket, Flank Steak, or Beef Shank - please include details of this in your order or email us at eat@hopcreekfarms.com  with your order number immediately after placing your order.

  • Roasts  (3-4 lb. packages):
    • Baron of Beef Roast
    • Rib Roast
    • Sirloin Roast
    • Round Roast
    • Chuck Roast
  • Hamburger (1 lb. packages)
  • Stew (1 lb packages)
  • Soup Bones (3-5 lb. bags)
  • Steak
    • Round Steak
    • Tenderloin Steak
    • Sirloin Steak
    • Chuck Steak
    • T-bone Steak
    • Rib Steak