Beef Heart

Beef Heart

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100% grass-fed/grass-finished beef heart. Beef heart is an extremely lean and tender muscle that tastes great with any quick cooking method. It has a mild beefy flavour and is lean with very little fat. Each beef heart weighs between three to four pounds and is incredibly nutrient-dense. Consuming beef heart has many health benefits. It's rich in folate, iron, zinc, and selenium. It has several B-vitamins, which can protect you against heart disease.

No hormones, no antibiotics. Our cows are raised ethically and sustainably on our Murphy Meadow Ranch in the open-range grasses of the Cariboo Region, and at maturity, are moved to our local Squamish farm in the valley.

Our beef hearts are very popular with pet owners looking to incorporate nutrient-dense organ meats into their pet's diet.

How to Prepare Beef Heart

  • It's tough and requires a "low and slow" cooking method, but it tastes robust with a pronounced beefy flavor.
  • Before cooking, you'll want to slice off the fat pockets, which you can render into beef tallow for cooking if desired.
  • Cooking methods can vary for this part of the cow. You can grill it, slice it thinly and bread and fry it, pan sear it, or throw it into a hearty stew. It can even make for a delicious, juicy burger.
  • The flesh of the heart is not fatty, so it can mix with fatty ground beef in hamburgers. If used in stew, it will take on a tougher texture than other bits of meat.

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