Welcome to our Farm Market

Located in the heart of Brackendale, in Squamish, BC.

Our family-owned farm has been supplying locals with fresh, seasonal foods and meat since its founding. We offer more reasons to visit the Farm Market at Hop Creek Farms.

With a wide variety of products available for purchase right on the property, it's like a country store where you'll find something deliciously unique each time you visit! Whether it's seasonal produce just harvested, locally made small batch products or grass-fed grass-finished meat, Hop Creek Farms always has something new and exciting. With the idea to have our little version of what you'd find at any local farmers' market around, our Farm Market is open year-round. You can look for our Farm Market hours of operations here.

Come by and check out what our little slice of country living offers! As we strengthen our community experience, you might see our farm animals roaming the fresh pastures and miniature goats, which the kids always love.

Know where your food comes from.

As more and more people become interested in understanding the origins of their food, we believe it is important for people to connect with the land and the animals that provide their meals.

By inviting people to come and meet us at our farm, we hope to provide a unique and educational experience that can help people understand the many benefits of sustainable and ethical farming practices. Visitors to our Farm Market can see firsthand how our wonderful animals are raised and cared for and learn about our commitment to environmental sustainability and animal welfare.

We believe that by fostering a deeper connection between people and their food sources, we can help to create a more sustainable and resilient food system. When people know where their food comes from and understand their choices' impact on the environment and the animals, they are better equipped to make informed decisions about what they eat and how it is produced.

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