New Product Debuting in the Farm Market at Hop Creek Farms!

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January 31, 2024


The introduction of new products at the Farm Market at Hop Creek Farms is always exciting, representing our commitment to diversifying our offerings. Offering fresh and unique items broadens our range and keeps the market dynamic and engaging.

New products provide an opportunity for our customers to explore different flavours, textures, and culinary experiences. This continuous evolution helps us meet the changing needs of our community, stay relevant, and maintain a vibrant connection with our customers.

Without further ado, let us introduce you to our new products!

Introducing our Grass-fed Half Beef

Available for Home Delivery! This sustainable choice provides approximately 144-216 lbs of premium grass-fed beef with a hanging weight of 240-360 lbs. Our pricing model covers both the meat and processing costs.

Indulge in a variety of standard cuts, including Baron of Beef Roast, Rib Roast, Hamburger, and more. Customize your order with specialty cuts like Beef Brisket or Flank Steak with prior arrangements. With an approximate freezer space of 7 cubic feet, this half-cow is perfect for those seeking a balanced and sustainable meat option.

For those who value quality and sustainability, our grass-fed half-cow offers a unique opportunity to enjoy delicious, nutrient-rich beef while supporting ethical and environmentally responsible farming practices. These cattle roam freely, grazing on natural grasses and forage.

Leaner and more flavorful than conventionally raised meat, our grass-fed beef is packed with healthy fats and essential nutrients. Choose from a variety of cuts, including premium steaks, roasts, and ground beef, perfect for crafting wholesome meals for your loved ones.

Ordering is easy, and we'll coordinate a delivery time that suits your schedule. Whole and Quarter Beef is also available.

New Farm Market Product Alerts:



Enjoy wholesome goodness with Larabar. Now available at our Farm Market, their Chocolate Chip, Apple, and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip bars are vegan, Kosher, gluten-free and non-GMO. Made from real food for real people, right here in Canada.

Visit our Farm Market today to grab your healthy snack!


Fuel your day with RXBAR®. We are now carrying their Chocolate Chip bar, which is made with clean ingredients that give you the nutrition you need. Feel the power of protein with a healthy snack.
Grab them now at our Farm Market in Brackendale.


Now available at our Farm Market, their 60% Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cup and 70% Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup offer a healthy dark chocolate experience.

Treat yourself better with healthy love from Chocoxo.


Flow Alkaline Water

Looking for the perfect place to grab a snack and a drink? Our Farm Market is the place to stop while visiting Brackendale. Grab one of our Flow Alkaline Spring Water bottles and a healthy bar snack - it will not disappoint!

Packaged sustainably.


Rolling Meadows

Savour the Rolling Meadows Dairy freshness! We now carry:

- 2% Grass Fed Milk

- 3.8% Grass Fed Milk

- Unsalted Grass Fed Butter

- Salted Grass Fed Butter.

Bring the farm to your table and taste today's grass-fed, grass-finished difference.


Anita's Organic Mill

Experience baking at its best with Anita’s Organic Mill. We're happy to share that we now carry their Organic Unbleached White Flour and Organic All Purpose Gluten Free Flour.

Made in Canada, for Canadians.


We now carry Kouzini. Savour the taste of Greece right here at home with Greek Premium Olive Oil from Kouzini. Perfect for your salads, cooking or dipping bread.

Experience local Mediterranean flavour today.

Seed To Culture

Add a local crunch to your meals with the new Dill Pickles from Seed to Culture. If you love their sauerkraut, these fresh, flavorful pickles will be a hit!

Support local, and savour the flavour.

We Invite You To Visit Our Brackendale Farm Market

We're thrilled to bring these diverse, high-quality products to our esteemed customers at Hop Creek Farms. Each new addition to our shelves signifies our commitment to providing you with the best the market has to offer, from wholesome snacks to fresh, sustainable produce. We can't wait for you to experience the richness and variety of our new offerings in person. If you're in the Brackendale area, why not drop by?

Our Farm Market is the perfect spot to pick up a delicious snack, a refreshing drink, or even to discover a new favourite product. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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