Understanding Beef Cuts and How to Cook Them

Cooking beef is a tasty and delightful experience, but it’s also important to understand the anatomy of a cow and how to identify different cuts. By understanding the different cuts of beef, you'll be able to use them properly when cooking. Every cut has its own flavor profile and optimal cooking method. The right cut can make all the difference when preparing a delicious meal. We’ll discuss various beef cuts and provide some tips for successfully grilling or slow-cooking them for an unbeatable beef dish!

Certified Organic Bread Now Available at the Farm Stand!

We are excited to offer a limited amount of 100% Certified Organic Commercial Yeast Free Breads from our good friends at Wild Culture Artisan Bakery. This is the first time these breads, made in the ancient and traditional French manner, are available at Hop Creek Farms and we will bring small amounts to the farm stand weekly.

Individual Cuts Now Available for Delivery!

We’re excited to announce we’re now offering weekly home delivery throughout Squamish for individual meat cuts, in addition to bulk shopping. You can order ahead for pickup at our Farm Stand in Brackendale, or stop by to shop in-person.

Meat Packs Available to Order!

We have a variety of meat packs such as the pork and beef mixed pack, sausage sampler pack, and the BBQ grill pack. Order your meat packs online and pick up at our farm stand or have it delivered! We are offering free, no contact, local Squamish delivery.

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